Lecture slides

Here are drafts of my slides for the course. During May and early June 2018, I expect to change them. I know that there is too much here.

My first lecture is an introduction to the topic as a whole. Also on Monday, I'll discuss the simplest logic in the world, the logic of sentences All x are y.

On Tuesday, the topic will be extended syllogistic logics, including logics with verbs, relative clauses, negation, and existential assertions. Here is a worksheet on the semantics of verbs and relative clauses.

In the middle of the week, I want to present a lot of logics, and then talk on logics for reasoning about the sizes of sets . This is a topic that goes beyond first-order logic in some ways.

The last two lectures are on monotonicity. First, I argue here that we cannot simply work with fragments to do inference on text as it comes; we need to do more. My suggestion is to uses parses trees from CCG. So I introduced categorial grammar on day 4. In the last class, I cover preorders, CCG, and the the algorithm to polarize a CCG parse tree.


Here is the homework set for Monday after the first class.

Here are the answers to that first homework set.

Here is the homework set for Tuesday.

Here is the homework set for Wednesday.

The homework set for Thursday is a good preliminary set on preorders, containing facts used in Friday's lecture.

If anyone wants to ask me about our homework at any point, please feel free: lsm@cs.indiana.edu.

More homework is coming.