Drafts of lecture slides coming soon

I plan to post some drafts of my lectures here. What I have now is a set of lectures from a similar school given in 2014. The difference is that more is known now than several years ago, on just about every aspect of the course. And so there is more to say. At the same time, my earlier lectures were each two hours long, so I'll have much less time.

My first lecture was an introduction to the topic as a whole.

Then came a lecture on basic syllogistic logics, and then one on logics with relations. This set covers logics with verbs, relative clauses, and comparative adjectives.

After this, we turned to the study of logics beyond the Aristotle boundary, that is, to logics with restricted notions of variables.

The final topic of the course was the monotonicity calculus.

Once again, these are likely to change quite a bit during June and July as I think about the NLS course.